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World Wide LED Experts

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5 Years Warranty

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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Saving Our Customers Millions.

Why buy from EcoAlly?

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LED Experts

With in-house product design, testing and manufacturing, our LED experts are always at the forefront of our research and development. We supply high-efficiency energy LED luminaries to the trade, retail and consumer markets.

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5 Years Warranty

EcoAlly LED products all come with a standard two-year warranty.You can do this by filling out our extended warranty form which entitles you to replacements for failed bulbs for the duration of your warranty.

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee

EcoAlly offers a 30 money back guarantee returns or replacement policy because we want you to be totally satisfied with your purchase.

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Reduce Carbon Footprint

At EcoAlly, we strive to improve the environmental performance of all our sectors, especially manufacturing. As we continue to research and look for new avenues to support environmentally friendly products.

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About EcoAlly

EcoAlly Lighting provides best-in-class solid-state lighting solutions for use in commercial, residential and industrial applications.Without replacing the existing housing our lighting range is designed to replace the conventional light sources. EcoAlly products eliminate the existing challenges of halogen or incandescent lighting by eliminating the excessive heat, UV emissions and insufficient bulb life. We offer substantial energy and monetary savings to pay for them in the first year.

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